EnSight, O2, GLX problem

EnSight, O2, GLX problem

Post by Wolfgang W. Bauman » Tue, 02 Mar 1999 04:00:00

Dear Netters,

now I'm at the point where I need the wisdom of the net, as the
CEI support line ...

Quote:> I really wish I could be more help, but the X message
> does not give us any clues on what is causing the error.

... has no clue.

We are using the visualisation package EnSight (client/server).
When I run the current client version 6.2.1 (various executables:
sgi_5.3, sgi_6.2, sgi_6.5_n32) in various machine combinations,
locally on the console and remotely setting the DISPLAY to a different
SGI machine, I observe the following:

Running EnSight Client 6.2.1
          on IRIX 6.3/6.4 and 6.5 (sgi_5.3/sgi_6.2/sgi_6.5_n32),

DISPLAY on 6.4 (Octane): all is OK.

DISPLAY on any O2/R5k/R10k with 6.3/6.5:  the following crash:

Using ENSIGHT6_HOME = /work/ensight62/
Using ENSIGHT6_ARCH = sgi_6.2
Using ENSIGHT6_INPUT = dummy

<Starting OpenGL version (Use -X to get X version)>

This is EnSight Client 6.2.1
---- -- ------- ======
X Error of failed request:  BadValue (integer parameter out
of range for operation)
  Major opcode of failed request:  141 (GLX)
  Minor opcode of failed request:  3 (X_GLXCreateContext)
  Value in failed request:  0x34
  Serial number of failed request:  56
  Current serial number in output stream:  57

The error message appears just _before_ the EnSight start screen
opens. I guess it tries to open the window and crashes.

Does this ring someone's bell?

An older version EnSight 6.0.3b (the IRIX 5.3 version) works OK on the O2.

Also the X version of 6.2.1 (using -X) works OK.

I have installed several (but not all) patches from the recommended
patches list, especially those pertaining to graphics and X server.

To me it looks like it is O2 / GLX (X server side) related.

Here's the current list of patches on the 6.3 machine
(edited to save space):

1645 IRIX 6.2 & 6.3 POSIX header file updates
1653 provide missing f77 feature
1694 IRIX 6.3 Digital Media bug fixes
1695 Fix License Manager security hole by removing setuid program
1704 WebViewer critical fixes for I18n and bad html problems
1705 Internalization patches for media tools
1707 WorkShop 2.6.4 Patch
1715 fixes to icrash for IRIX 6.3
1721 MIPSpro 7.1 Fortran 77 patch for datapool element alignment
1759 'Browse OutBox Page'/ns_fasttrack error
1775 rollup - libfastm for ido7.1
1785 Fix snmp core dump, add support for new hardware types,
        build as snmp Master.
1788 rollup - bug fixes for libm, libmx, and libm43 - irix6.3 and irix6.4
1834 xwsh, iwsh - NumLock key problem fix
1838 dmedia audio plugins patch for 6.3
1869 imon DFS support for 6.3
1872 7.1 linker file permissions and message severity
1883 Inperson patch
1894 Server-based X Num Lock Support
1900 Critical bug fixes for Inventor on 6.x platforms
1949 c frontend patch on 7.1 / 7.1.1
1958 Mount command rollup for IRIX 6.3
1959 NFS over TCP server support for 6.3
1974 gmemusage security hole
1985 C++ driver patch for template problem
2005 rmdir exit status fix
2028 Infinite loop hang in sat_interpret
2072 MIPSpro 7.1 Compiler Back-end rollup #3
2077 runpriv security hole
2090 xlock security fix
2102 c++ frontend rollup #3 for 7.1
2103 X development fixes for IRIX 6.3
2112 6.3 PCI Audio Option support + general audio and
        MIDI synthesizer bug-fixes
2133 talkd security
2161 Pthread library fixes
2168 Fix for lpd lock file access for IRIX 6.3
2213 IRIX 6.2/6.3/6.4 ordist Security
2240 security fix for syserr
2334 xfsdump/xfsrestore fixes for 6.3-O2-10K
2413 IRIX 6.3,6.4 Routing Enhancements
2485 6.3 O2 Video w/passthru fix
2537 Desktop rollup #2 for 6.3
2603 O2 ethernet driver fixes  
2740 Domain Name Service BIND 4.9.7  
2747 IRIX 6.3 Networking Kernel Rollup #4
2753 OutBox security fixes
2757 O2 adaptec rollup
2792 pset security vulnerability
2801 IRIX 6.3 kernel rollup
2852 IGLOO (IrisGL On OpenGL) Rollup for 6.2 and 6.3
2907 General Motif libXm/libSgm fixes for Irix 6.3
2933 O2 IDE for big memory and 250Mhz cpu
2941 hinv for IRIX 6.3 with O2 Dual Channel support
2942 X server rollup with O2 Dual Channel support
3015 O2 PROM rollup 4.8
3036 XFS rollup #6 for 6.3
3046 CacheFS roll-up #4 for 6.3
3068 Cgi script security vulnerability
3082 libc bug fixes and enhancements + y2k
3109 Irix 6.3 commands security + y2k fixes
3144 xterm security fix
3164 Multiple fixes for X libraries.
3186 ONC3 6.3 AutoFS Rollup #3
3214 6.3 NFS Kernel Rollup #7
3298 O2 graphics rollup with O2 Dual Channel support
3378 rld rollup #14
3394 mail security fix (for 6.3 and 6.4)  
3413 libmp rollup
3511  ToolTalk security issue, CERT CA-98.11

And here's one more piece in the puzzle:

Customers running an O2 with IRIX 6.5.1 and no patches
successfully ran the client (sgi_6.2).

Maybe we have installed one patch too many?  :-(

Have A Nice Day,

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