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fonts FONTS fonts

Post by Juanm » Tue, 26 Nov 1996 04:00:00

I will thanks those report me www sites which contains these kind of
fonts with demos & Previews.
Searchin' for informal fonts like mechanical types and degraded ones...

Thankx ....


1. fonts fonts fonts!

I've got dozens of original type disks, from Emigre      the Emigre matrix
family (all fonts) to a large number of Letrea  aset fontek fonts.

I want to trade software. Legally,.    of course; as in, my original disks
and proof of sale for your original disks (* I don't care about proog f
of sale, but the original packaging is nice but of course not required).

I have to trade: the abovenamed fonts, macliun  nk pro (newest version,
in box with cable and both mac and PC disks and manuals), a complete
non-bundle version of adobe photoshop 2.5, all or      in box, all manuals and
miscellaneous other paper slips that came in the box (worth of ver
$500), Kai's Power Tools v1.0, originals    disks, Sketcher 1.0, originals
disks and original cigar-box case, 10 or 12 Nautilus CDs (all of 1992),
Aldus Gallery Effects versions 1 and 2 in orignal   inal boxes,
letrastudio in origna  uin   inal box plus 3 extra p dios  sks of propr  prietary fonts
(2 on each, 6 total).

I'm looking for:

almost ANY FontShop FUSE series font. Almost ANY of the                   ANY of these emigre faces:
elec ktrix, motion, democratica, truip   iplex sans condensed,  
many different fontek faces
any of the INSTANT TYPES series of Fonth shop faces, especially confidential
and karton. Fontshop L POP and POP LED. Any of the followingf      g Neville
Brodyu  d  f  faces: dome, tyson, world, tokyo, typeface 5, typeface 8, gothic,
typeface 90 , typeface 11.

any other grtoo   oovy fonts or graphics software. Make me an offer!

I'm especially interested in fonts and photoshop filters.

bye now

Joshua Lurie-Terrell
CSU Sacramento               Depar     California State Department of Fish & Game
Division of Oil Spill Prevention and Response

the opinions expressed above have nothing a bit whatsoever no WAY!
to do with the dept        DFG/OSPR or   .

Due to the double-blind, any mail replies to this message will be anonymized,
and an anonymous id will be allocated automatically. You have been warned.

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