lsys compiled for DOS ?

lsys compiled for DOS ?

Post by César Gómez Antoni » Sun, 16 Jun 1996 04:00:00

there are a version of lsys compiled for DOS ?
I have de source for UNIX bat it does not compile whit linux.


1. Compiling programs in MS-DOS using SRGP

Hi, I am reading Computer Graphics: Principles and Practice (Foley, Van
Dam, et al) for the first time, and I am having trouble compiling the
example program that came with the SRGP distribution.

Specifically, I am using Turbo C++ 3.0 and I am trying to compile it using

c:\tc\bin\tcc -eexample -Ic:\srgp\include c:\srgp\lib\srgp.lib example.c  

I'm not familiar with using TCC, so could someone point out to me what I'm
doing wrong?  Perhaps I should use the free Turbo C 2.0 instead?


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