Does PM continue to render in sleep mode?

Does PM continue to render in sleep mode?

Post by Brian Skowro » Sat, 03 May 1997 04:00:00

I don't have Energy Saver 2.0.1 loaded because it interferes with TCP/IP.

My machine goes to sleep after 30 min. of inactivity.

I have been rendering some small 3d images successfully. One turns out to
be larger. It took 98 hrs.+, was 1120k, but required 7mb+ storage
between rendering sessions. I don't know why. The numbers that Strata
Vision3d offers on the bar of the image rendering aren't helpful in guessing
time. I leave the cpu on all night, letting it go into the sleep mode after 30
min., then wake it up to find that the grey bar hasn't advanced much or not
at all--it is not possible to tell at this stage--3/4 finished--if rendering
is happening(?). No apparent changes in the image.

Is the cpu rendering during this sleep mode or did it render only for those
30 min. before sleeping?
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Does PM continue to render in sleep mode?

Post by Jerry Kinda » Sat, 03 May 1997 04:00:00

>I don't have Energy Saver 2.0.1 loaded because it interferes with TCP/IP.


Quote:>Is the cpu rendering during this sleep mode or did it render only for those
>30 min. before sleeping?

Sleep means the computer shuts down the processor, hard drive, and other
power-hungry components.  Only the contents of RAM are preserved, so you
won't need to restart.  So yes, the computer stops rendering when you go
to sleep.  You'll want to enable Energy Saver before rendering, and set it
to never allow the computer to sleep.

I'm not sure in what way Energy Saver interferes with TCP/IP.  I've
certainly never heard of or seen such a problem on my machine.


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1. Problem with sleep mode


I bought a G4 Mac seven months ago, and recently added a second video
card. Since then the sleep mode does not work properly, and as I find
that feature very useful, I'd like to find out what is causing the

The following is from Apple's web site:

"Putting your computer to sleep.

Your Power Mac G4 supports new intelligent power management during
computer sleep. When your computer sleeps, it will attempt to reduce
power usage to the lowest level possible. The lowest power level is
achieved by powering off many of the components in the computer,
including the PCI bus. Older PCI cards do not support this style of
power management, so the PCI bus and the system cooling fan are left
powered on during sleep. When you install newer PCI cards which support
this new style of power management, or if there are no PCI cards
installed, the system cooling fan is turned off during sleep."

This seems to indicate that the Mac thinks that this new card is
actually an older one which does not support this kind of power
management. Considering that I bought the card 6 months after buying
the Mac, this seems odd, and not should not be possible.

The original card is the ATI Rage 128 (AGP), and the card I bought is a
Rage Pro (PCI). This is only one month old now, so it should support
the latest power management. Since I installed it, the sleep mode does
not work. The HD powers down, but the fan continues to run, and I
gather that the bus remains powered.

I've tried both Apple and ATI web sites searching for a solution. I've
tried switching the primary monitor from one card to the other, to no

Thanks for any suggestions.

Paul Harris

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Victoria, BC  V8V 2W8  Fax: 250-384-4402


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