Watchman-size displays

Watchman-size displays

Post by Eric Pep » Fri, 14 Sep 1990 00:22:02

Does anybody know of a good source for Watchman-size LCD displays, both
B&W and color?  Failing that, does anybody know of a make of B&W Watchman
TV that uses an LCD display instead of one of thoes weird oblique
front-screen scan CRT's?

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I have a Mac IIvx with an Apple Color Monitor and am quite interested in
a program that will allow the full size of the monitor to be used for
display. Right now there is about 1/2 inch of dead space around the edge
of the screen. Programs like MacAppleZoom and Monitor Expander don't
work because they don't recognize the video card (it's the video card
that came standard with the machine).

Does anyone have a possible solution besides buying a new vieod card?


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