print outs

print outs

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I can,t print out my portfolio on MYWAY,I was able to do this on Planet
direct. What can I do?

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1. cut-outs

Looking for a little help on cutting out a section of a picture. Have tried
using several
graphics programs (Adobe's PhotoDeleuxe, MGI Photosuite II, ArcSoft imaging
Suite 1.0, Paint Shop Pro,etc., etc.) and they all seem to do the same
thing. Using the "selection tool" when I trace around a head of a person in
a photo then "cut-it", when I paste it back into another picture or blank
page, it's always in a frame box. The head is there but around the head is
white. If I was to place this into a blank page with a black background,
while the head would look fine, the white around it wouldn't. Anybody tell
me how to cut-out a headshot and save it as the "only" thing that is saved,
no box, no white, no border, no nothing but the head. Thank you.

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