SW for exercising graphics

SW for exercising graphics

Post by Michael Doy » Tue, 24 Sep 2002 03:03:28

Hello all,

I am new to using SGI graphics hardware and OpenGL, and am looking for
suggestions of software (binaries or source, 'freeware' since I'm a
hobbyist as far as SGI stuff goes) that will exercise the 3D functions
present in the hardware.  Perhaps software that will be a good hard
(but not TOO hard - I haven't THAT much free time!) test of a High
Impact boardset with 4MB TRAM in an Indigo 2 (and tests the gfx
without texturing, also).  I'm still working my way through Ian
Mapleson's info. but haven't yet found pointers to something I can

Which of the graphics boardsets are supported by OpenGL under IRIX
6.5.x (I have access to XS-24Z on an Indigo R4k, Extreme on an R4400
I2, and High Impact on an R10k I2)?  Or perhaps someone can point me
to where I can find this info. for myself (lib. headers or something)?

What was the last version of IRIX that has Iris GL and which boardsets
did GL support?

Many thanks,
Michael Doyle


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