xdart.1.0 available for HP 9000/710 (Snake)

xdart.1.0 available for HP 9000/710 (Snake)

Post by Mark Spychal » Sun, 02 Aug 1992 12:21:40


   The first version of xdart (xdart.1.0), a distributed raytracer that runs
   under X11, is now available for the HP Snake in addition to the previously
   supported machines via anonymous ftp at castlab.engr.wisc.edu (
   [NOTE: The IP number of castlab has changed]


   The clients are distributed as binaries and C source.
   The servers are distributed as binaries ONLY for the following systems:

   Snake  HP 9000/710

   You MUST have one of the above machine types in order to run the program.
   You MUST have X windows on your system in order to use this program.

   I wrote the client and encourage anyone who wishes to modify the source
   and experiment with it.

   Abe Megahed wrote the raytrace engine and does not wish to release its
   source code; thus, source for the server will not be distributed.




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