Hitachi HDG tablet + amiga

Hitachi HDG tablet + amiga

Post by J. Eric Townse » Fri, 14 Sep 1990 10:52:19

Anyone ever use a Hitachi Tablet Digitizer (HDG series) with an Amiga?
I have access to one, but don't have time to write drivers, etc.
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1. Grapics Tablet Wacom or Hitachi Multipad

I'm looking to buy a low end graphics tablet for a Mac (to use with
Painter, Photoshop, and Illustrator).  The main contenders at the
moment are the Hitachi MultiPad and the Wacom ArtPad.
I haven't found a store (in LosAngeles) that will let me demo either,
though I've tried bigger Wacoms, I understand the driver software for
the ArtPad is less flexible.

Any Advice?  Anyone know where I can find info on these (aside from
the manufacturers)?  Anyone have any experience with KurtaXGT or
SummaSketchFX (or know how much they should cost?)  I'd like
a pad around $200.  -- I've read bad things about the Calcomp pen for
detailed work...

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