MicroLathe, anyone?

MicroLathe, anyone?

Post by ADAM K. PORTN » Thu, 18 Nov 1993 16:04:18

Has anybody seen the 3-D Windows program called MicroLathe.  It is a simple
shareware program that lets you draw cross sections and makes them into 3-D.
It only allows one light source but supports diffent shading methods and
creates animations of the objects.  I saw someone who had it, it came with a
book that he bought.  I just wondered if anyone saw it at an ftp or if anyone
has it, could they upload it.
                                                Adam Portnoy

1. Bitmap code in C...anyone?...anyone?

Hi, I was just wondering if anyone out there has some code, or knows where I
can get my hands on some code to view any!! form of 256 color bitmapp, well, it
has to be recognized by alchemy, but almost any form. I need
something which actually has all the code ready and written, as I'm not at all
knowledgable in this area, and my previous experiences with gif viewers in
which you only have to "write a few functions" have not been good. I don't even
need the program to set the pallette of the VGA card, all I need it to do, is
put the right colored pixels at the right position on the screen.
Any Help's appreciated,



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