How to increase color cells ???

How to increase color cells ???

Post by Torben Marcusse » Mon, 29 Jun 1998 04:00:00


How do I increase the number of color cells in my X display..???
I keep getting "Not enough free color cells" errors,
and "Can't allocate color" errors.....

When I run xdpyinfo it tells me my default number of color cells
is 256...



1. vtkPolyData and colored cells

I'd like to display a 3D surface mesh (triangles or anything else), and I'm
using a vtkPolyData object.
After setting the points and the cells, I'd like to assign some colors.
Up until now I used a Scalar associated to each cells and made up a
lookuptable to associate each
value of the scalar to a given color.
The problem is now I'd like to read the RGB triplets for each cell from a
file. Thus, as I do not know in advance what will be the colours, it's hard
or innefficient to build a lookuptable.
How can I thus easily assign a color to a cell of my polydata without usign
static lookuptables ?

I tried to have a look in the VTK's documentation or in google and the
mailing list, but with no success.
Any good pointer is also welcome.


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