?genuine fractals print pro 1.0 and ps 6.0

?genuine fractals print pro 1.0 and ps 6.0

Post by dtbr » Sun, 16 Feb 2003 08:56:41

hi all, is genuine fractals printpro 1.0 compatable with photoshop 6.0?
went to lizard and the info wasn't available, in fact they don't mention
1.0.   guess that's because genuine fractals 1.0 was owned by altamira?
before lizard.

thanks, tom


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I took a marble texture in TIF format (about 840 x 560 pixels),
duplicated it, enlarged both 400%, one with Genuine Fractals Print
Pro, the other with Photoshop Bicubic sampling. I zoomed in to 100% of
both and cropped the same area in both files.

They are in the attached zip file. No post processing was done, both
of them are saved with the same JPG compression. As you can see the
bicubic sampling is fuzzier and more blurred than the printpro one.

You won't see much difference at 200% enlargement, but the bigger the
enlargement the better the result.


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