How to use BBS

How to use BBS

Post by irv.. » Thu, 15 Sep 1994 07:28:22

 Ir> Hi all:
 Ir>         Can anyone tell me what BBS is and how to use a BBS service? If I
 Ir> know the number of a BBS is 123-456-7890, how do I download files
 Ir> from it?
 Ir>         Thanks.

Have you tried the group alt.bbs?  The folks there can be very
helpful--but for starters, you need a Terminal emulation software, names
of which will vary depending if you're using a Mac or PC (eg, I use Z-Term
for the Mac).  Since you're already posting to the internet from an .edu,
you probably already have what you need.  You use that software to dial in
to the BBS (at 8N1 or 7E1), and then just follow the directions on the
screen to adjust your terminal settings.  From there, you just make your
menu choices--usually, BBS's will have a novice mode with online help, so
it's really not that difficult.  Also, the sysop of the BBS can help you
fine tune your terminal to best suit the BBS, that way you don't get a
bunch of garbage if you hit the wrong key.

Good Luck!

 * Freddie 1.2.5 *


1. Infusion BBS Software

I just thought I'd let everyone know....

There is finally a BBS Software with all of the great features of OBV/2 and Iniquity, but without the bugs and bad
support.  Infusion BBS Software is a new generation in BBS Software, modeled after OBV/2 and Iniquity with everything
that the sysop can imagine..and more.

Some basic features are:

o Multi-node upto 255 concurrent users
o Light-bar support [arrow keys]
o Requires NO Fossil Driver [selectable FOSSIL, ASYNC, and Digiboard for each node]
o Online Configuration [menu editor, string editor, evemt editor, node editor, system editor, etc]
o Pipe Color Codes
o MCI Codes
o Powerful scripting language
o Internal One-Liners, Blacklist, voting booth, etc
o Internal Z-Modem, X-Modem, Y-Modem, Y-modem-g [no limit to external protocols]
o Internal COMM Program with internal protocols, Auto Up/DL
o Great support
o Basically all of the great features of OBV/2 and Iniquity combined

Infusion has been picked up by fuEl [international art group], and Infusion 1.0th will be released June 10th.

Come to the Infusion Home-Page at and jump into the JAVA Based Chatroom,
or come to the ANNEX, the official Infusion IRC Server [] #infusion / #bbs


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