Windows XP and video problems.

Windows XP and video problems.

Post by Chow » Sun, 25 Nov 2001 14:56:59

I'm hoping someone has run into this and can help.  I recently
installed Windows XP and now I cannot play several of my games that
worked fine under windows 98.  When I try to start the game the logo
or splash screen comes up and then it shuts down the program.  Some of
the games include Nascar Revolution, Soldier of Fortune, Superbike
2001, and Grand Prix Legends.  My video card is a Voodoo Banshee by
Creative Labs.  It is one of the original Banshee cards.  One thing
these games seem to have in common is that they are graphic intesive
and require some sort of 3d rendering.
I believe the problem to be the fact that Windows XP will not let the
programs access the video card directly via DMA channels.  Has anyone
had this problem?  Are there better video card drivers or even video
cards that will allow me to play these games in XP.  I believe one of
the drivers it needs is updated Glide drivers.  Remember though these
games worked on this video card under 98 but not under XP.  Any help
would be appreciated.

1. Windows Xp API for the Capture Video

 whould like to know if there are new Windows Xp API for the Capture Video,
because when I use the capgetdriverdescription function don't find my
capture driver but only the Microsoft WDM. Why?
Here my code in Visual Basic:

Public Declare Function capGetDriverDescription Lib "avicap32.dll" Alias
"capGetDriverDescriptionA" (ByVal wDriverIndex As Long, ByVal lpszName As
String, ByVal cbName As Long, ByVal lpszVer As String, ByVal cbVer As Long)
As Long

Dim  cnt As Long,  ln1 As Long, ln2 As Long, str1 As String, str2 As String
For cnt = 0 To 8
        ln1 = 80
        ln2 = 100
        str1 = String$(80, " ")
        str2 = String$(100, " ")
        If capGetDriverDescription(cnt, str1, ln1, str2, ln2) _
        Then cmb(0).AddItem Left(str1, ln1) & ", " & Left(str2, ln2) _
        'Else Exit For
      Next cnt

Thank you

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