Wish List for new computer hardware? (Windows)

Wish List for new computer hardware? (Windows)

Post by Paul Goettlic » Wed, 21 Dec 1994 08:54:36

I am planning on purchasing a new computer within the first couple months
of 1995 and need some suggestions for it.  I have compiled a list of what I
think I need.  My purpose is to start a business to do photo restoration and
graphics consulting.  I intent to hand this list as my spec for getting bids
from various businesses so it is very important to get this as tight as
I am hoping that someone can review it and make comments.  What brand
names and anything else you could comment on would be quite welcome.
Thank you in advance for ANY and all help you may bring me. I am
Windows based.


1.5 GB  SCSI-2 drive (brand?) w/ 32-bit PCI or VL-bus adapter to match
256K cache 300 w power,  2 fans,  Full Tower Case: 10 bay vertical

Quark XPress, Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator

32MB minimum expandable to ?

17" 64 bit PCI local bus  SVGA NI dot-pitch rating 0.28 mm or less
Internal video system has 2 MB  DRAM    65,000 colors or more
resolution of 1280 x 1024,  local bus video
Which is better VRAM or DRAM?

Removable Discs:
128 MB magneto-optical disc

SCSI Tape Drive:
4mm DAT drive  2GB
I am not sure about these "portable" media and could use help here.
Maybe Syquest is needed.

SCSI adapter:
32-bit PCI local-bus adapter

Sound Blaster AWE32 board.
Stereo speakers?

CD-ROM drive:
Quad-Speed Plextor 4Plex SCSI drive

Internal Modem:
Speed: 14,400 bps or higher?  V.32 standard
Sportster by US Robotics?

Can be upgraded to the next level COU chip.  And what else?

Flatbed Scanner:
Windows Sources puts UMAX PS2400X ahead of Microtek ScanMaker III.

Drawing Tablet:
Pressure sensitive tablet.  Brand/make?

Brand names:
Compaq?  AST?  Dell?  Zeos?

Thanks again for taking the time to look this far.
Paul Goettlich                  

"It is dangerous to be right in matters that the established authorities are
wrong." - Voltaire