NURBS basis function on SGI's

NURBS basis function on SGI's

Post by HOOPLE T » Sun, 08 Nov 1992 03:05:00

I'm a grad student at UCCS (The University of Colorado at Colorado Springs),
and I'm doing a NURBS project for my geometric modeling course.  We're using
some Indigo SGI's, and I'm running into a problem with trying to figure out
what the basis function should be.  Is this part of the Graphics Library and
can it be called somehow?  I'm thinking about using the basis function for
NURBS out of the Foley and Van Dam book, but I know that this one is
different from the one SGI uses.  In particular, SGI seems to handle the
case where the denominator of the basis function is zero differently than
it is handled in the Foley/Van Dam book.  Any help anybody can provide
would be appreciated.
-Andy R. Hoople

1. Laws' basis functions

I am trying to find out about the Laws' basis functions.  They are
referenced in "Computer Vision," Ballard and Brown in a chapter on texture.
They only list four of the twelve matrices.  The reference is a PhD
disertation at USC in 1980.

I would greatly appreciate references to these basis functions being
applied.  Just the matrices themselves would be great.

Thanks in advance.

Dan Campbell

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