Open Inventor UK map

Open Inventor UK map

Post by Pavel Rozals » Thu, 12 Jan 1995 07:56:24

Posting for a colleague:

Hi. Does any one have an open-inventor based map of the UK that could
be made available for our internal use. This would save us the effort
of creating one. Thanks in advance.

Please respond by posting or emailing


1. Q: Color map drawing in Open Inventor ?

Hi Inventors,

 I need to draw many 3D points (100K - 10M),
 each colored from a color table of 256 colors,
 The table needs to be changed fast,
  controlled by some pallet control interaction.

 It might be useful to be able to see (in the same inventor) also
  true color shaded polygons, but this is not a must.

 Any idea or pointer will be very appreciated.

        Arie Rudich
        Chief Software Engineer
        CogniTens Ltd.
        55 Haneviim St., P.O.Box 1713
        Ramat Hasharon 47282, ISRAEL
        Tel: (972) 3 5472223
        Fax: (972) 3 5472224

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