3/D glasses

3/D glasses

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This might be too simple, but has anyone directed laser light threw
the lenses you were supposed to wear.  
                                        greg fister

1. Glass within glass


    I'm attempting to create a whisky bottle to pan the camera around in
my very first POV-Ray animation, and I'm have a little trouble. The
problem is that a glass
object is designed to bend the light rays as they pass through it's
surface and to travel through free space within the object. If I then
design an object as a union of many
CSG shapes I would expect to have a single, complex, outer surface with
free space within it. What I end up with is a series of geometric
surfaces which lie partly
within each other and distort the light as if I had different densities
of glass within the bottle.
    I could get around this by careful use of clipping but is there an
easier way ?

Your fellow artist,

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