Iris vs. OpenGL O2 performance, documentation

Iris vs. OpenGL O2 performance, documentation

Post by Lynn Ziegl » Thu, 31 Oct 1996 04:00:00

I'm sharing some comments (below) received from Paul Spencer of SGI
regarding the use of IrisGL and OpenGL on the O2, and on-line manuals.

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Lynn Ziegler said:


> It's going around that Iris GL on the O2 has to go through something
> called "Igloo" (?) to convert it to OpenGL or something like that.

Yes; so do all of our new systems, and I believe IR graphics too.
igloo = (I)ris (GL) (O)n (O)penGL :-)

Quote:> So expectedly there is some sort of performance sacrifice for IrisGl
> programs.

Not much. Yes, some, but not a big hit; and the new graphics are
pretty fast anyway, so you may get a net speedup. (Comparing new
to old systems).

Quote:> Please your advice on the right OpenGL manuals to get for someone
> like me (comparable to the "GL Programming Guide, Vol 1 & 2") would
> be very much appreciated.

There are two standard works you should probably get:

   "OpenGL Reference Manual" ISBN 0-201-63276-4 (blue book)
   "OpenGL Programming Guide" (red book)

That isbn is for the first (1992) edition, it's probably updated by
now. Someone stole my other book so I don't have an isbn for that
one. Both published by Addison-Wesley.

The on-line books aren't too bad, either.

These two books *are* on-line (along with other useful info).


Paul Spencer                 Silicon Graphics Advanced Systems Division


1. Netscape Plugins vs OpenGL vs O2 Video


I wrote a plugin for Netscape in OpenGL that reads the O2 video and
display in Netscape (using OGL) the capture frame.

Everything works fine until (core dump)

        - Reload the page
        - Move to another page and come back
        - Open in a new browser and close that browser

The problem seams to be related to the destroy/new of the plugins

Problem 1) OpenGL will crash if I destroy is context and widget and will
eventually crash again if I reload the plugins multiple times.

Problem 2) The dmedia lib will refuse to shutdown and reconnect again.
vlSetupPath() will never want to setup a path between a new VID source
and MEM drain after the previous (from another page) was destroy.

This sequence seams impossible to execute

        First loaded plugins

        .. setup ..

        Destroying the first plugins

        .. destroy ..

        Reloading the plugins

        .. setup ..             *** WILL FAIL ON SETUP PATH

        Never get here

        .. destroy ..

I use X timer and vlGetNextValid to read the video

O2 running 6.3
Old API call to the dmedia
Netscape 3.01S and 4.02

Any directions is welcome

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