Enhance your DSK's capabilities

Enhance your DSK's capabilities

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Z-Domain Systems Development, Inc.
P.O. Box 902, Fairport, NY 14450


Software Development Tool Enhances DSK Capabilities

Rochester, NY -  Z-Domain Systems Development has
officially announced the release of its DSP Debug
Board. The board is intended to be used in conjunction
with the Texas Instruments C5x DSP Starter Kit.
The DSP Debug Board is designed to attach to the Texas
Instruments C5x DSK; with it, a SW developer can
enhance the capabilities of the DSK to allow development
and debug of sophisticated DSP code previously outside
the scope of the DSKs capabilities. Features include
a bidirectional ASCII serial interface, an LED and test
point output latch, and enclosed software that
demonstrates the ease of use of the boards features.
This product is of special interest to companies and
individuals developing communications, voice processing,
and signal processing applications, because it allows
the development of complex DSP software on a low-cost
SW development platform.

The DSP Debug Boards ASCII serial interface is
compatible with any RS-232 serial port. Its baud rate
is software selectable at either 9600 or 38400 baud.
Example software (provided in both C and assembly)
demonstrates the serial ports use in parsing ASCII
commands,  uploading and downloading ASCII data, and
string and variable output from the DSP.

The 8-signal test point and LED output latch allow
the output of important state information from the
users application that is running on the DSK. The
outputs to the LED latch are available via test points,
to allow resolution of critical signal timing. Example
code is provided that demonstrates these features as well.

The DSP Debug Board is available now; its cost is $59.00.
Information requests and orders can be directed to
Z-Domains information and order line: 1-800-743-1374,

Z-Domain Systems Development Inc. website at

Company Background

Z-Domain Systems Development was founded in May,
1996 to design, develop, and manufacture DSP-based
wireless data communication, voice transmission, and
remote monitoring equipment. The C5x DSP Debug Board
is the first product in the DSP Debug Board line. Future
products will include an enhanced DSP Debug Board for
the C5x DSK, and a Debug Board for the C54x DSK.
Z-Domain Systems Development is headquartered in
Fairport, NY.  For further information, please contact:

        Bill Woodson
        Z-Domain Systems Development, Inc.
        P.O. Box 902
        Fairport, NY 14450



1. ANN: SPG Enhances ColorWorks:WEB 3 with Robust Screen Capture Capabilities

SPG Enhances ColorWorks:WEB 3 with Robust Screen Capture Capabilities

MIAMI, Fl., Mar 22 1998 -- SPG announced today the release of
ColorWorks:WEB 3 Revision 3.009 adding Screen Capture capabilities to
its award-winning Web Graphics Suite. As usual, all current
ColorWorks:WEB 3 users receive these enhancements for free using the
program's Auto-Update system.

Robust Screen Capturing Capabilities, Just a Hot-Key Away

ColorWorks' offers complete screen capture capabilities and can be set
to capture a Full Screen, Window, Window Contents, or a Screen Area,
with or without including the Mouse Pointer. Screen Capturing in
ColorWorks is a simple Hot-Key assignment. You can fully operate the
program as normal when its screen capture feature is enabled. Pressing
ColorWorks' capture Hot-Key will initiate a screen capture(s) while
operating anything on your computer.

ColorWorks:WEB is sooooooo Suite!

ColorWorks:WEB is the World's Most Powerful Web Graphics Suite and
offers: * A Powerful Paint Program  * Photoshop-compatible Import,
Export, and Filter Plug-in Support  * Live Web Savers  * An
"Internet-Aware" Thumbnail Image Browser  * Web GIF Animators  * Web GIF
Players  * 3D Text Renderer * 3D Text Animator * 3D Web Object Renderer
* 3D Web Object Animator * Flare FX Renderer * Flare FX Animator * Web
Image Mapper  * Web Graphics Spiders  * Web Background Renderer  * Live
Background Image Tile Viewer  * JPEG Image Repair  * Excellent Text
Handling and Anti-Aliasing  * e-mail Images from the Program  * FTP
Images from the Program  * Snatch Images from your Internet Browser  *
Automated Internet Server Image Maintenance  * Automated HTML Thumbnail
Image Gallery Generation  * Visually Surf FTP-Sites for Images  * and
More... * All for only $99!

Full details, specifications, and a trial/demo program of ColorWorks:WEB
3 are available on the SPG web-site at http://www.spg-net.com. The
ColorWorks:WEB 3 Web Graphics Suite costs $99 and is available for order
on the SPG web-site.

SPG Inc. is a developer of computer graphics software, committed to
excellence, and to the continued development of the most unique,
exciting, and the highest performance computer software in the world.
The SPG Internet web-site is http://www.spg-net.com.

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