Why is STudioPro so SLOW?

Why is STudioPro so SLOW?

Post by Brett Johns » Sun, 23 Oct 1994 02:24:15

> Actually it's all the modelers. Even selecting items in four-views
> (or really any number of views)  seems to take forever (okay,
> there's a noticable pause between the click and the appearance
> of the selection, but it happens all the time so it seems like
> forever).

I'm not sure what is happening here, but my first guess would be
that you might be running some kind of 68k init that is being
called frequently during StudioPro's idle time (switching from
native mode to emulation is quite slow..).

Quote:> Would you be the person to send suggestions for future versions
> of SPro? There are a bunch of ease of use/accuracy features that
> I would love to see in the modeler. like aligning objects to
> surfaces and aligning points in the various modeling extensions.
> Little stuff, but it would make my life easier.

I would love to hear your ideas, and I will make sure they get
put in the right place, but a more direct approach is to send it

Strata also maintains forums on eWorld and America OnLine if you
subscribe to either of those (keyword "strata" in both cases).

[Stuff deleted...]

Quote:> Great, I'm really looking forward to this upgrade. Can you say
> anything about the new features? For example, is it possible to
> perform boolean operations on objects created by any modeling
> extension? How are the bend and twist features implemented and
> controlled (beziers?)? Most importantly, what are metaballs
> being used for exactly? - I can think of several things...
> Also while I'm typing a long seires of questions...Native
> version of the morph extension? Ripples and Clouds? ( I have
> several models that I can't open now...)

You can perform Boolean operations on *any* two objects..

Twist, Bend, and Warp are controlled parametrically using sliders
and numerical input..

Metaballs can be used for modeling just about anything you can
imagine modeling with sticky gooey balls of slime.  I know that
sounds flippant, but I really don't know of any better way to
answer your question!

Morph, Ripples and Clouds are all native and shipping now.  Why
you haven't received an upgrade notice?  Beats me..

The upgrade to 1.5 is $99(us), and if you want to talk to someone
in sales you can call 1-800-6STRATA.


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Why is STudioPro so SLOW?

Post by Juri Munk » Wed, 26 Oct 1994 10:59:32

>You can perform Boolean operations on *any* two objects..

Is this a rendering function or does it affect geometry? What I mean is:
If I cut off a bit from a 3D apple and save the document as a DXF file,
what will I get?

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1. Why is STudioPro so SLOW?

I run StudioPro 1.1a on my PowerMac 7100 AV... it works fine, and rendering
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much longer time to start StudioPro on the PowerMac than on 68k Macs. :(

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