Remeshing a FE mesh

Remeshing a FE mesh

Post by ulisses mel » Sun, 16 May 1993 00:38:39

        What is best way to remesh a too deformed finite element mesh?
Is there any automatic meshing and remeshing software available in the
market or in the ftp-world ? Any recommendation will be very appreciated.
I want to use my FE-codes and not a full featured black box commercial

Thanks in advance.



Remeshing a FE mesh

Post by Bruce d. Sco » Sun, 16 May 1993 05:55:27

Quote:> What is best way to remesh a too deformed finite element mesh?

The technique is called "graph massage", by Alan Glasser and Andrew Kuprat,
who are developing the moving finite element method in several dimensions.
Look for paper(s) by them in the near future on how they do this for
Kelvin-Helmholz turbulence. J Comput Phys or someplace like that. It is
*not at all* trivial to do this "smoothly", ie, so your adaptive time
step doesn't go to zero after a massage session.

I hope they publish and not turn it into a trade secret.
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