Maya wont install! Please help

Maya wont install! Please help

Post by Dan Matsumo » Tue, 02 Mar 1999 04:00:00

Anyone out there had trouble installing MAYA on the SGI.
Currently it won't let me install the base application due to the fact that
it requires the "Viewkit compiler" which is a developer c++
compiler. I can't find in any of the CDz from ALIAS (could it be under
another name in the istallation cds).
Does anyone out there know of a work about for really is shite
having maya sitting right here and not working :(

Current specs
MAYA v.1/SGI Ingido 2 hi-impact 4400/irix 6.2/128mb/2 gig

TIA to anyone that helps me out of this major nightmare.....


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this or know why its happening ?

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