where can i find these?

where can i find these?

Post by Alex Pa » Fri, 21 Jan 1994 02:46:47

do you know where i can find the following geographic info:

1.  state boundary lines of usa,
2.  country boundary lines of world,
3.  world/continental coast lines.

higher resolution is better, but any pointers would be
appreciated.  while we're at it, can you also point us
to code/reference for conversion from latitude/longtitude
coordinates to lambertian conformal projections.


alex pang


where can i find these?

Post by Chris Osla » Sat, 22 Jan 1994 06:42:08


>do you know where i can find the following geographic info:

>1.  state boundary lines of usa,
>2.  country boundary lines of world,
>3.  world/continental coast lines.

Sorry I don't have Internet addresses, but all the above are in
World Database II and its derivatives; medium resolution versions
are on various anon ftp sites, but I'm on a machine that can't
archie at present.

Chris Osland
Atlas Video Facility, UK


1. Win98 canned!!!

In a bizarre turn of events today William Gates III told us that "Further
plans for the development of Windows 98 have been discontinued." This comes
on the heels MacWorld San Fransisco and after in-house testing of Apple
Computer's recent developer builds of their next generation OS codenamed

When asked why he was discontinuing the Windows 98, Mr. Gates replied
"...After taking a good hard look at the excellent multi-platform OS coming
out of Cupertino, I realized that Winodws 98 just wouldn't be able to
compete.  This new Operating System from Apple is incredible!..."

We asked Mr. Gates (who insisted we call him Bill) about what this means
for the users of Windows 95 and he responded "...this means that a new OS
is upon us, one that I believe will, as I have always stated, show that
Apple Computer really is on the forefront of technology. It also means that
Microsoft can go back to it's roots and start developing quality software
for a revolutionary Operating System..."

We were stunned by this and asked Mr. Gates if he thought that the billions
of Windows 95 users would feel that Microsoft has left them "High and Dry"
and his response was "No, I firmly believe that Microsoft should have never
been in the OS business to begin with, it was not our intention.  We built
Microsoft on quality desktop applications such as Word and Excel and that
is what we are going back to. Many corporations viewed the superior
Macintosh as a toy; they didn't understand the elegance of the Mac.  When
they finally understood we saw an opportunity to bring a Macintosh-like
environment to the IBM PC. Windows 95 users will be happy to upgrade to
Apple's 'Rhapsody'.  We are working closely with Apple's engineers to
ensure that the Intel version of Rhapsody will run all of the current
Windows 95 software as well as the Native Rhapsody software."

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