Compiling Inventor under G++ 2.3.3

Compiling Inventor under G++ 2.3.3

Post by Travis Hilt » Sat, 10 Jul 1993 06:08:44

I am trying to compile some Inventor sample programs under G++ 2.3.3
and can't seem to get the right combination of flags to do the trick.
Has anyone succeeded in the attempt?

The whole reason for using G++ is for the nice GDB debugging features
in the EMACS environment including automatic name demangling and
number of other features.

If anyone has any better ideas for nice C++ debugging in the EMACS
environment suggestions are appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

Travis L. Hilton               |

Department of Computer Science |
Computer Graphics Laboratory   |
Brigham Young University       |


1. Compiling Inventor with Gnu g++

Hi All,

Has anyone tried to compile an Inventor program with Gnu g++ (version 2.4) on
an SG Indigo ? If so could you let me know what options you used... I get
loads of warnings and errors even with the -traditional option...

I cannot use the standard SGI CC compiler, because our latest version of CC
appears to have problems compiling Inventor unless the -v2 option
is specified. Unfortunately using -v2 means I cannot use C++ templates
which are used extensively in the code. Basically I can't compile both
Inventor code and C++ templates using the lastest version of the CC
compiler. Thus I am looking at Gnu g++.  

Any help would be appreciated


p.s. FYI S/W Versions are :

     | CC       | Version 2.1.1  |
     | Inventor | Version 1.0.1  |
     | IRIX     | Version 4.0.5H |

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