TidBITS#461/04-Jan-99 posted to c.s.m.digest

TidBITS#461/04-Jan-99 posted to c.s.m.digest

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  In this first issue of 1999, we welcome the new year with
  information about several software updates including new versions
  of BBEdit, Conflict Catcher, PaperPort software, and Microsoft
  Internet Explorer. We also bring news of PhotoScripter, scripting
  software for Photoshop; a look at what's up with running Linux on
  your Macintosh; and the beginning of an in-depth examination of
  the world of digital cameras.

    Running Linux on Your Mac: An Update
    The Second Generation of Digital Cameras, Part 1



1. TidBITS#417/16-Feb-98 posted to c.s.m.digest


  Creating graphics for the Web is often less fun than pulling teeth
  and twice as painful. In this issue, guest writer Cynthia Baron
  takes a detailed look at BoxTop Software's ImageVice and explores
  how to make images both look great and download quickly. Also this
  week, we report on rumors of the Newton's demise, Emailer 2.0v3,
  the final 56K modem standard, and reader responses to Apple's most
  recent upheavals.

    Emailer's Last Gasp Update?
    Apple Retreat or Focus (Followup)
    Putting the Squeeze on Color: ImageVice 1.1


2. expanding a scanned pen stroke

3. ANNOUNCE: 00/04/01 Release of RADBIB.BIB Global Illumination Bibliographies

4. best graphics card

5. Problems with Breeze2.04/2.05

6. Cirrus Logic CL-GD 542x- drivers

7. hsepovb1.zip-script program for POVray - hsepovb1.zip (04/29)

8. ZIP vs JPEG compression in PDF format

9. 3D color renderings for food serving equipment companies - slide-5.jpg [01/04]

10. 3D color renderings for food serving equipment companies - slide-3.jpg [00/04]

11. Plugin Missing in Quark4.04

12. vanishing Quark4.04 guides

13. Apple QT 3.0 panel discussion(04/14/98)