postscript to fli

postscript to fli

Post by James F Small » Thu, 03 Mar 1994 15:12:59

ultimately I'll be converting to fli (flc, which ever is 640x480))

I used to have something to convert postscript to ppm then ppm to gif then
gif to fli.  but I lost it

could someone suggest a conversion package? (can use ghostscript)

please email a response



Yes, I've written a single C routine that plays .FLI files.  I haven't yet
expanded it to play the .FLC files, but I have the info to do so (fairly
straight forward...)  I can mail the routine to you, or post it if anyone
else is interested.  It's not too long...  It directly accesses the video
memory at segment a000h (VGA) to make it fast.  All you have to do is pop
the display into VGA 320x200x256 mode, and call this routine with the filename
of your .FLI file.  Simple stuff...

Let me know if you want it...


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