Movie viewing (MPEG, Sparkle, QT, etc.)

Movie viewing (MPEG, Sparkle, QT, etc.)

Post by Eric Dockt » Fri, 22 Jul 1994 12:01:02

Hi all! I'm looking for some help for a somewhat specific problem, but any
advice on the topic would be much appreciated.

I've just started downloading movies (I view MPEGs with Sparkle, QT movies
with Simple Player). I've noticed that the MPEGs all tend to lose their
sound, however. Any suggestions? (I've tried to use Sparkle to convert the
MPEGs to QT, but the sound is still lost, and the video then plays too

And while I have your attention, does anyone know a good .ZIP decoder?


- Eric

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Movie viewing (MPEG, Sparkle, QT, etc.)

Post by Matti Have » Fri, 22 Jul 1994 17:02:15

Does anyone know why Sparkle (v2.0, ThreadManager, MacIIsi/Q700) is
so slow. The speed seems to be abt. 1frame/second. Are there faster



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Any help would be appreciated (I have not found any
related info in SGI's FAQ's or the Open Inventor book).

Thanks, George

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