Imagemagick EPS conversion

Imagemagick EPS conversion

Post by Paul Stuar » Wed, 03 Apr 1996 04:00:00

I am trying to use Imagemagick to convert black & white eps files to
gif format. It works, but creates monochrome images that lack detail.
I would like to create anti-aliased grayscale images, but the
Imagemagick man page doesn't seem to indicate how to this.

Anybody know how create anti-aliased grayscale from mono eps?

Paul Stuart


1. EPS --> Illustrator EPS conversion

I have scanned a sheet of letters in EPS format to add to a font in
Fontographer. I would like to be able to work with the EPS files in
Illustrator 5.5 first.

My problem is that neither Illustrator nor Fontographer recognizes the EPS
files. I actually scanned them twice, once using an HP scanner and the
program "Deskscan" on a Macintosh, and once using an HP scanner and the
program "ScanJet" on a Windows machine. I brought the PC files to my
PowerMac using the EPSF IBMpc to Mac filter in AFE.

Because Illustrator only recognizes its own EPS format, I tried using
every permutation of EPS conversion programs I could find (epsConverter
1.2.1, EPSFilter, EPSfixer) to convert my EPS files, to no avail. I even
tried bringing them into Photoshop, but apparently (duh) it only
recognizes Adobe's standard as well. If anyone knows of a EPS conversion
program that might work, I would be grateful to hear. I also vaguely
remember having editing the text file once or twice in this situation, and
if there is a way to do that, I'm game.

Sorry if this is a FAQ.

Please email:

craig j

craig j

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