EPS to PICT, TIFF, or etc. on the Mac. HELP!

EPS to PICT, TIFF, or etc. on the Mac. HELP!

Post by Isaac D Reub » Fri, 08 Jan 1993 16:45:28

I am desperately in need of a way to convert the custom fill
patterns in Freehand 3.1 to some form that can be shown on the
screen. Right now the only way to see them is to print them on
a PS printer, another hassle because I don't have full time
access to one. =(
I would like to be able to use these fills in MM Director
presentations as well as other screen oriented things (like
recording the screen to video tape.)

I know there are commercial programs available to do this but
I would rather find a shareware program because they are
cheaper and I like to support small programmers as opposed
to large corporations. (The fact that have have almost no money
at the moment definitely does figure into this equation ;).

-Isaac (A graphic arts student)


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Does anybody know of a utility for the Mac or PC that can simply
convert the preview image in a Mac EPS file from PICT to TIF?

MacLink Translator can but unfortunately the TIF image is HUGE!
(Probably 24-bit). This causes an EPS file to go from 47k to 530k for

All I need is a 1-bit TIF preview image in the EPS file so that these
files produce a screen image in FrameMaker on both the Mac and the PC.
(Graphics are being produced in Canvas on the Mac, imported into Frame
on the Mac, and placed on the Novell network for use on both Macs and

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