??which mid-high end printer??

??which mid-high end printer??

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I am looking for suggestions for a good mid to high end printer to be used for
producing color comps.

Features in decreasing order of importance are:
* Good continuous tone photographic reproduction
* Accurate Color (whatever that means)
* A fast RIP/Print Speed
* Crisp Text
* Something that does as well with CMYK as RGB files
* Decent output to plain paper

We are on an Ethernetwork, primarily Mac although there are a few PCs in the
office as well.

We are looking to spend around $4,000. Any suggestions complete with strengths
and weaknesses would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks In Advance,


1. Mid to High end video cards and monitors?

I am looking for advice on components for a graphic design PC.

I am about to buy a new PC for doing freelance graphic design at home.
My wife will be using the computer for graphic design work, and I will
be using the computer for software development.

I'm not trying to build the SUPER graphic design workstation. The freelance
work is new, so we don't know how long it will take to pay off.  We just
need enough power to get started, and when the money starts coming in, we
will just upgrade.

Most of the work we envision doing in the beginning will be the design
of interior/exterior signage, logos, and corporate identity solutions.

I have 'settled' on the following configuration
        Cyrix 166+ w/512k cache
        32MB memory
        2.5 GB hard disk
        4.0 GB tape backup
        8x CD ROM
        17" Princeton Monitor ( uncertain about this )
        Matrox Mistique 2MB WRAM ( VERY uncertain about this )

I need some help with the following issues:

* What is required to perform color calibration? (software, video card, ...)

* What are some things to look for in a video card?

* What is a good video card that won't cost a fortune ( < $250 )?

* What is a good 17" monitor that won't cost a fortune?

* Is 32 Meg of memory enough memory to get started and be somewhat productive?

* What is a good entry level scanner? Is there such a thing?

* Do the logitech hand held scanners work very well?  Would they make a decent
  short term solution for scanning?

Thanks in advance.

Darryl Dieckman                University of Cincinnati

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