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I am convinced that if one has a GIF to TIFF and a TIFF to GIF converter,
that import and export of raster images to a wide range of applications
is possible.

I obtained a copy of tiff.tar.Z from the uunet archives and have been hacking
away trying to get it to work in a SVR3.2 environment. If someone has solved
this problem, I would appreciate your letting me know. Also, if someone has
developed conversion utilities to/from TIFF please let me know.

I will post any usefull information I obtain.


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1. BMP->GIF->JPEG->TIFF->PostScript Convertors

I am looking for *APIs* (not the single application) that supports conversion
of one graphics format to another. The formats that I am interested in are:

        BMP, GIF, JPEG, Postscript, Tiff

I am looking for commercial product that can support both UNIX and WINDOWS
environment. I tried to look into PBMplus package. It doesn't seem to have
support for jpeg and not sure whether windows version is available or not.
Appreciate if could mail me the available product and contact pointers at my

If its commercial product or then we are interested in buying few hundred
copies possibly with source etc. We would happy to invite small company who
is interested in developing such APIs for us.  I would be more than happy
to provide more specification detail to interested people. Appreciate, if you
could directly send me mail to above mentioned address.

with regards


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