Cosmo3D: Using csTransformEng3f?

Cosmo3D: Using csTransformEng3f?

Post by Bruce Camero » Thu, 16 Sep 1999 04:00:00

I am using Volumizer and Cosmo3D to create
a volume roaming viewer. I have subclassed
csAppearance and csGeoSet to incorporate
the necessary Volumizer methods and am now
trying to connect a csTransformEng3f to the
coordSet so I can move the polygons about.

I create the csTransformEng with:

volCoords = new csCoordSet3f);
volCoords->point()->setRange(0, 8, (csVec3f*)coords);

csMatrix4f mat;

roam = new csTransformEng3f;
roam->input()->setRange(0, 8, (csVec3f*)coords);
roam->matrix()->set(0, mat);
roam->connect(csTransformEng3f::OUTPUT, volCoords, csCoordSet3f::POINT);

where coords contains the 8 3-space coordinates defining
the vertices of the tetrahedra being drawn and volCoords
is the csCoordSet3f defining the tetrahedra.

To move the coordinates, I do the following during the
draw callback:

roam->input()->setRange(0, 8, (csVec3f*)coords);  

The trouble is nothing is being drawn. I can remove the
csTransformEng code and have the tetrahedra drawn correctly,
and I test to make sure that xTrans,yTrans,zTrans are limited
to stay within the boundaries of my data set. My guess is
that I've missed something elementary, but haven't a clue
as to what that might be.

Any suggestions, comments, help would be appreciated as the
few paragraphs in the Programmers Guide are a bit cryptic.

Thanks in advance.


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