What is best AVI/MOV player????

What is best AVI/MOV player????

Post by Jeffrey Fitzgera » Wed, 27 Sep 1995 04:00:00

        What is the best avi/mov player at this time? I am having great
trouble in getting any .mov files or .avi files to play video and audio.
I believe this should be the case. Can anyone tell me? Please point me in
the direction of a good all around windows 3.11/95 player. Please reply
via email... thanx


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1. AVI--->MOV & MOV--->AVI

    I have a program that I downloaded from the web that can convert .AVI
files to quicktime format .MOV files and viceversa, from .MOV to .AVI .
This program will really help those who need to edit those .avi files but
can't due to its existence in .movv format. I have lost the URL address,
but anyone who would like to have it, either reply back to me on how you
want to get it.


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