Standalone VGA LCD active matrix monitors

Standalone VGA LCD active matrix monitors

Post by Bjorn R. Bjornss » Mon, 13 Jun 1994 01:51:27

I need about 6-10 active matrix LCD color displays.
These should have at a minimum a VGA interface.  They
may be packaged or (OEM) non-packaged products.

I'm aware of SHARP's QD-100MM which is a 10.4 inch
display with true color VGA/MAC + PAL/NTSC/SECAM video.
When this display came out last year it's list price was
~$8K.  I'm also aware of a display from HP (which I suspect
is the QD-100MM repackaged) with a list price of ~$10K.
These prices are somewhat out of my range.  When looking
through the latest computer magazines I note that notebook
computers with active matrix (aka TFT) displays have a
premium of about $500-$1000 over their dual scan (STN)
counterparts, usually though these displays are 8.5 to
9.5 inches.  Now this `may' be large enough for me.

Dual scan displays are completely out the question for my

My questions are these:

1. Where can I find standolone active matrix displays for
`considerably' less than HP or SHARP (which btw. would
fit the bill perfectly if it weren't for the price)?

2. Is it possible to rip out the screen of most notebooks,
and connect them to a VGA interface? (cable or power modifications
are no obstacle).



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