How do I derive a perspective transformation matrix??

How do I derive a perspective transformation matrix??

Post by Thomas D » Fri, 26 Apr 1991 01:37:55

I have a camera mounted at some [x,y,z] looking at a figure on the
z=0 plane.  Is there a way to derive the perspective transformation
matrix without knowing any of the angles that the camera is mounted at?

I can put a square (or anything else) of known dimensions on the z=0
plane to use for this calibration.

Any hints would be welcome.  Everything that I have ever studied shows
how to create a perspective view but I have not been able to figure
out how to "reverse engineer" the problem.

Thanks a lot,



How do I derive a perspective transformation matrix??

Post by Charles D. Hans » Sun, 28 Apr 1991 06:24:31

Tuscani and Faugeras had a paper on camera calibration which gave you
the perprective transform, as well optical centers etc.  Excellent
paper and the techniques work!

Faugeras and Toscani. "The Calibration Problem for Stereo", CVPR '86
Miami Beach, pp:15-20 IEEE, 1986



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