Help Needed: Graphics and scanning for WWW home page

Help Needed: Graphics and scanning for WWW home page

Post by Rick Brow » Thu, 06 Jul 1995 04:00:00

I have a MacIIsi, 10mb RAM, color monitor, Aldus Freehand 3.0, and a
Logitech hand held black and white scanner. I am in the process of
establishing a home page for my group the Newspaper Collectors Society
of America. It will be journalism, printing, newspaper, and history buff
oriented. I am doing fine on the HTML but having trouble obtaining or
making images to dress the page up.

Is there is site out there that has history related images (graphics or
halftones) that are downloadable on my Mac that I could use of my page?
(Old printing presses, engravings of famous events in history, portraits
of Presidents, or so forth.)

Also, my scanner only goes up to 400 dpi (66 lpi) and they look terrible
when I add them to my page. What is the optimal dpi/lpi to do halftones
or line art at so they look presentable on a WWW home page?

I have hundreds of old newspaper front pages from various events in
history which are hard copy images approximately 5" by 7" and in line
art format. I want to scan some of them to put on my page.

My budget is extremely limited in regards to going out and paying
several hundred, if not a couple thousand, dollars for new software or a
new scanner. (Don't we all have the same problem?)

If anyone can help me with any or all of this, please e-mail me. I would
be eternally grateful.

By the way, I am using Netscape 1.1N for my browser, but plan on doing 3
versions of my home page -- Netscape, Mosaic, and text only.

Rick Brown

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