Information Visualization Symposium Deadline is 3-31-96

Information Visualization Symposium Deadline is 3-31-96

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<P><center><h1>IEEE Symposium on <br>Information
<P><center><h1>InfoVis '96</h1></center></P>
<P><center><h3>Sponsored by the</center>
<center>IEEE Computer Society Technical Committee on Computer Graphics
cooperation with ACM/SIGGRAPH<br>
and held in conjunction with Visualization '95</center></h3></P>
<P><h4><center>October 28-29, 1996; Hyatt Regency San Francisco
<P><h2><center>Submission deadline:  March 31, 1996</center></h2></P>
<P>InfoVis '96, the second Information Visualization Symposium, will be
held to
focus on the emerging area of information visualization.</P>
<P>Increasing amounts of data and information and the availability of
digital network access (e.g., in the information highway environment)
created a demand for querying, accessing, and retrieving information and
However, information technology would not transform business, science,
engineering, and education if the users cannot use it easily and
Technology must come to the users, taking their needs into account. If
we do not
involve the users, we will develop useless systems.</P>
<P>InfoVis '96 will focus on all aspects of visualizing information and
users interact with digital information.  It will foster an exchange of
ideas on
all aspects of information visualization and human-information
interaction, and
how advances in interactive computer graphics hardware, mass storage,
and data
visualization could be used to visualize information.  Submissions are
solicited in all areas of information visualization and
human-information interaction, including, but not limited to, such
topics as</P>

<LI>Visualizing the internet
<LI>Visualizing the WWW (e.g.,
Netscape, NCSA Mosaic)    
<LI>Interactive info visualization

<LI>Multi-dimensional info vis
<LI>Info presentation        

<LI>Vis of complex info  
<LI>Vis of textual info  

<LI>Vis to heterogeneous audience

<LI>Applications, including but not limited to:

   <LI>Telecommunications networks
<P><B>Submission deadline:  March 31, 1996</b></P>

Papers should be at most 5,000 words in length including an abstract,
affiliation, and keywords, and should present
previously unpublished
original results.  Video submissions (NTSC VHS) with papers are welcome,
but are not
required.  Videos will assist reviewer's assessment of the
technical soundness of submitted papers, and will not
be returned.  
Please submit 7 copies of all materials to Nahum Gershon at the address
listed below.  Please
include the e-mail addresses of all co-authors for
acknowledgement of receipt and notification of acceptance.


<DD><B>Nahum Gershon</B>
<DD>The MITRE Corporation
Colshire Drive      
<DD>McLean, VA, 22102
<DD>Phone: 703-883-7518

<DD>Fax: 703-883-5230



For further information
about the IEEE Symposium on Information Visualization, contact: <B>Nahum
Gershon</B>, The MITRE Corporation, Phone: 703-883-7518, <A HREF =




<A NAME = "committee">

<H1>InfoVis '96</H1>


<H2>Symposium Chair</H2>
Gershon</B>,            <I>The MITRE Corporation</I>


<H2>Program Co-Chairs</H2>
<LI><B>Stephen G. Eick</B>,          
<I>AT&T Bell Laboratories</I>
<LI><B>Stuart Card</B>,              
<I>Xerox PARC</I>

<H2>Program Committee</H2>

<LI>Nabil Adam,              <I>Rutgers University</I>
Andrews,           <I>Graz University of Technology</I>
Boecker,    <I>GMD-IPSI, Darmstadt Germany</I>
<LI>Jose Encarnacao,        
<I>Technische Hochschule, Darmstadt</I>
<LI>Jim Foley,              
<I>Georgia Institute of Technology</I>
<LI>Hans Hagen,              
<I>University of Kaiserslautern</I>
<LI>Joseph Hardin,          
<LI>Marti Hearst,            <I>Xerox PARC</I>
Johnson,           <I>Synopsys, Inc.</I>
<LI>Frank Kappe,            
<I>Graz University of Technology</I>
<LI>Arie Kaufman,            
<I>SUNY Stony Brook</I>
<LI>Daniel Keim,             <I>University of
<LI>Adrienne Kleiboemer,     <I>The MITRE Corporation</I>

<LI>Alberto Mendelzon,       <I>University of Toronto</I>
Nielson,            <I>Arizona State University</I>
<LI>Steven Roth,            
<LI>Bill Ruh,                <I>Mitretek Systems</I>
Shneiderman,         <I>University of Maryland</I>
<LI>Robert Spence,          
<I>Imperial College</I>
<LI>Michael Welge,           <I>NCSA</I>


For further information about the IEEE Symposium on
Information Visualization, contact:
  <LI><B>Nahum Gershon</B>, The
MITRE Corporation, Phone: 703-883-7518, <A HREF =




<A NAME = "ap">


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I have decided to accept any papers delivered by noon Monday, April 1.

Sam Uselton
program co-chair
1996 Volume Visualization Symposium

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