MS-DOS drawing programs

MS-DOS drawing programs

Post by Louis Schmittro » Tue, 02 Jan 1990 17:49:00

I need some advice on graphics programs.  My environment is Xenix 386
2.3 running on a 386 AT clone, most of the time as the only user, so
that I can usually shutdown and boot DOS (I don't have VP/ix).  I have
a LaserJet II running the Elan troff package which allows the
inclusion of graphics files from MacPaint, PC Paintbrush, TIFF,
and raw format.  My problem is I have no way to produce those files
on this system, and I don't have a big budget.  I want to add
simple graphics to the documents I produce, and I dont't need
(nor can I afford) fancy WYSIWIG systems.  I have only a Hercules
compatible graphics adapter (which Xenix doesn't recognize anyway).

SO I am appealing for recommendations from the net on fairly cheap,
MS-DOS drawing programs for producing files which I can copy to
Xenix (it has `doscp') and include in my troff documents.  
I would likely have to include the purchase of a mouse also,
so recommendations are in order there too.


Louis Schmittroth, Computer Science, Athabasca University


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