Inexpensive Computer-to-TV Scan Converters (summary)

Inexpensive Computer-to-TV Scan Converters (summary)

Post by Enti » Wed, 16 Jul 1997 04:00:00

>Some time back I posted a question asking about inexpensive scan converter
>devices to display the output from computers, especially Macs, on standard
>TV monitors, in the US or Europe.  The following is a final report on what
>I've learned since then.  


>"Also have a look at the ATI XclaimVR card. It is supposed to give you full
>screen TV quality Quicktime playback, and output to NTSC/PAL. It's price is
>about $300. You need however a PCI powermac to do this. If you want to
>achieve this high quality playback, you will also need a fast harddrive
>that can chop away lots of megabytes per second. Not extremely expensive
>either. Probably you are allready finished buying a cheap powermac
>(Powerbase or Starmax), and the board. If you really want the most of it
>buy a Fast and Wide SCSI adaptor and a Fast harddrive. You do not need any
>special software to play existing Quicktime or MPEG movies. The Player

Just wanted to point out that you DO NOT need a large hard drive with the
VR card because you can do the conversion in "preview" mode without
actually capturing anything to disk.  This preserves the quality and can
be done in real-time instead of having to save the whole thing as a movie
and then play it back.  The XVP application that ATI supplies allows you
to set the preview to full-screen so you can simply route your live video
in, and turn on the TV-OUT feature and away you go.