Image libraries for MS-Windows, Unix, and DOS?

Image libraries for MS-Windows, Unix, and DOS?

Post by Woody Throw » Sat, 19 Feb 1994 00:42:52

Eyring is looking for image libraries for MS-Windows, Unix, MSDOS,
and possibly OS/2.

Requirements for the product (roughly prioritized):
1) A reasonable variety of image formats.  (At LEAST gif, tga, pcx, and
2) Resizing and cropping.
3) Palette arbitration and quantization.  Image quality is important.
   Good dithering is a plus.  The ability to disable dithering would be
   nice, but not required.
4) Anti-aliasing for resizing.  Resizing will often be performed on line
   drawings, and line removal badly mangles the images.  The ability to
   disable anti-aliasing would be nice -- many images don't need it.
5) Image contrast and brightness control.

Please email any information you have regarding products that satisfy



1. any port of Sam Leffler's TIFF imaging libraries to MS-Windows or DOS


Has anyone done a successful port to MS-Windows or DOS (Mac would be
nice, too) of Sam Leffler's TIFF imaging libraries?  The version I
have is TIFF 3.30beta 002.  I renamed the libtiff files to make DOS
happy (8.3 filenames), and am compiling with Watcom C 9.0 with the
following flags, with some warnings...


CFLAGS = -d2 -p -sg -zq -zw -DBSDTYPES $(CONF_LIB)

...most importantly from tif_pckb.c.  When running, TIFFReadDirectory()
is choking, with the error message "Can not read TIFF directory".  I
suspect some byte-ordering or similar portability problem.

I can't use DLLs or such, I need ported source code.  If you have any
ideas, I'd appreciate your input.  I'll pass on my stuff and your port
info to Leffler.  I'm no DOS/Windows programmer anyways, so if you
have opinions on your favorite "real" debugger for this platform, I'd
be interested.

thanks, ----mark


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