Need Colorsync Profile for Apple Color Printer

Need Colorsync Profile for Apple Color Printer

Post by MOONM » Sun, 08 Jun 1997 04:00:00

The title says it. This printer is also known as the Canon BJC820. Does
anyone know where I can download or buy (cheaply) a ColorSync 2 profile
for this printer?

Leonard W. Martin

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How do I go about integrating a new, Samsung LCD monitor into
the Apple ColorSync - Photoshop - OS 9 - color management system?

I called Samsung technical support and they don't know from ColorSync,
although they distribute a free copy of a Windows color management
system with the monitor. (Nothing on that CD appeared to be helpful.
If there was an ICC profile, it was not apparent as such in the mangled
filenames -- and in any case, would not have the type/creator code
that would allow ColorSync or Photoshop to open it.)

I have used Adobe Gamma to set up a named profile, and specified that
as the display profile to the ColorSync control panel. Is that it?
Or should I pursue something else from Samsung?

In the same vein, how does one obtain/create a ColorSync profile for
a UMAX scanner to provide as the Input Profile, and for an Epson 890
to specify as the Output Profile?

All suggestions/raves welcome...

Dave Cortesi

David Cortesi - d_cortesi at yahoo dot com

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