pbm.h pbmplus.h on Win95/NT

pbm.h pbmplus.h on Win95/NT

Post by Guna Govin » Wed, 25 Mar 1998 04:00:00

Hi all
   are the "C" include files "pbm.h",  "pbmplus.h" and the respective
"C" library libpbm.a
under Unix available under Win95 and NT development environment also ?

   If not, what are the equivalent header files and the libraries that
basically provide APIs to
draw graphics on BMP files ?  I couldn't find these files under Visual
C++ (professional edition)
or under Borland C++ ?

  I'm new to Windows/NT development environement..I'd really appreciate
any help on this.


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Hello xworld,
we have here the problem to read in xfig - drawings into WordPerfect.
We use to import f.i. xwd - Files into WP thru xwdtoppm | ppmto....
Unfortunately the Postcript output of xfig is not compatible with
WP 5.1 (because it is not EPS).

Does anyone have a conversion from fig to another file format I could
use to import into WordPerfect ? (fig2dev and transfig do not fit !)

Thank you !
Regards, Fritz

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