Gasssian curv. of blobs discontinous?

Gasssian curv. of blobs discontinous?

Post by Hans Peders » Sat, 31 Dec 1994 12:46:15

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  I was playing around with some implicit surface stuff the other
day and was surprised to find that the Gaussian curvature of "blobs"
appears to be discontinous. Even simple examples such as a smooth peanut
defined from two gaussian potentials appear to have discontinuities,
(at least according to my code :) and this puzzles me a little as these
shapes look so smooth. On the other hand, it looks like the absolute
value of the Gaussian curvature is continous,
except from degenerate points where the gradient is zero (such as
the center point of a degenerate peanut/butterfly). I tested my
code on simple surfaces where the curvature can be computed from
a parameterization (ellipsoids and cylinders) and got the correct
result to 5 accurate digits (computed the principal curvatures
analytically by normalizing and differentiating the gradient and then
solving for eigenvalues).

  Havn't had time to give much thought to this, but I think it
is kinda fun and would appreciate any comments.

  Yours ignorantly - Hans


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Bit of a mouthful I know.


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