Corel 6 on Win95 and TrueType Fonts

Corel 6 on Win95 and TrueType Fonts

Post by Suzanne Ack » Thu, 26 Oct 1995 04:00:00

I just installed Corel 6 on a win95 system. I do have some problems with
availability of TT fonts. Corel Text (CTRL_T) does not show all the fonts I have
installed in Windows\Fonts although they are available in all my other apps.
At first looks some "graphical" fonts are not listed (a.o. Enviro and a Keyboard
font - the one with all the Keyboard keys wchich I use extensively for course
development) are missing. They're not available as "symbols" either.
Is there anyone who knows where and how Corel 6 handles font within Win95 ?
I tried to use FontMaster to find out, but this was of no much help.
On top of that, Windows Control Panel/Fonts now refuses to show and/or print any
font. (I am not sure, but it seems it got this behaviour AFTER installing Corel

If you have any clue please post AND mail your answer.
Thank you



1. Win95 Illustrator 7 TrueType Font Problem

I am having a problem with Il7 and my TrueType fonts. Because of the
problem with segmented circles, curves, etc., when printing Illustrator
files to a non-postscript printer, I have invested in a postscript
intepretor (Zenographics Superqueue 4) for my HP LJ 4V. It takes care of
the segmenting problem, but a different problem appears; fine lines
intersecting some of the letters created using my TrueType fonts. These
lines do NOT appear if I print the file to the 4V as non-postscript. Has
anyone else experienced this?

-Bob Becker-

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