DGL/GLX capable X server for Linux

DGL/GLX capable X server for Linux

Post by Walter Robers » Fri, 08 Jan 1999 04:00:00

:Our institute has some SGI boxes and I am having difficulties in
:displaying them on my Linux, Red Hat 5.2, kernel 2.0.36 with XFree86
:Some app would show "Xlib GLX missing" while others returned "not dgl
:capable" errors and died.
:I managed to find out and get GLX extension to the X server. But how
:about DGL errors? Can someone tell me if there are workarounds, or am I
:missing something important?

FAQ. http://www-viz.tamu.edu/~sgi-faq/

You CANNOT display DGL onto Linux machines. The software is Not Available,
and Will Not Be Made Available.


1. DGL capable X-Server

We have got an WebFORCE Indy with e.g. diverse
media tools and other graphical tools.
We also have several X-Terminals (Tektronix)
and X-Server on Windows platforms (Hummingbird HCL eXceed)
running against the Indy.
If we start a media tool such as imgworks, imgview
or just the jot editor, it cannot be started because
of the failure:
  dgl error (protocol): remote machine not DGL capable - machine_name:0
  dgl error (default init): default dglopen(machine_name:0,4) returned -13
We solved this problem by installing public domain software, but I think
this is not a solution :-(

1. What is "DGL"?
2. Are there an X-Terminal/X-Server that is DGL capable?



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