Computer History Lecture: Early Paint Programs, Jan 13, 2000

1. Bay Area ACM/SIGGRAPH 1989 Sutherland Lecture 6/13

Bay Area ACM/SIGGRAPH 1989 Sutherland Lecture

Computer Graphics Futures
Ed Catmull, Pixar Computer

In the last couple of years we have seen the full flower of computer
graphics.  3-D interaction and photorealistic rendering are moving into
the mainstream.  There are many challenging new areas opening up:
practical dynamics and physics simulations, use of more advanced math,
and user control of very complex environments and animations.  These
challenges will require lots of computer power and new ideas.

June 13, 1989
San Francisco Exploratorium
dinner 6:30PM
lecture 8PM

This special meeting will start with a catered dinner with the speaker,
Ed Catmull, in attendance, followed by the presentation.

Reservations and full payment in advance are required for the dinner.
The presentation is, as usual, no admission charge.

Send checks at $14 per person payable to Bay Area ACM/SIGGRAPH to:
        Bay Area ACM/SIGGRAPH
        Sutherland Lecture
        PO Box 3553
        Santa Clara, CA 95055

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