UPDATE: Two new pictures and a few new models

UPDATE: Two new pictures and a few new models

Post by Karl Leslie Ru » Mon, 16 Feb 1998 04:00:00

  I've updated my homepage and changed it's "name", it's now "Amorphite's


  I've also added two new pictures, bridge.jpg and bridge2.jpg, that I'm quite
pleased with.

  Also I've added a few new models, of fruit and a heart pendent.



1. New Web page, and a few new projects

To all who are interested.....
    Well, I've written to a few news groups before, but not this many.
Recently I tried to change what I've been doing with opengl, and I've
come up with a few new projects, and a better location for my web page.
The new address is www.cl.ais.net/jlayous  for all of you who are
interested, feel free to take a look.  I have all my opengl demos on
there (a few will be added on the 22nd of this month, and new images
from my new projects.  Have fun taking a look  :)



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