Scanner Driver for Logitech Scanner

Scanner Driver for Logitech Scanner

Post by Flyin' high.. » Fri, 28 May 1993 18:37:50

I am looking for a Scanner Driver (that is loaded form Autoexec or Config) for
a Logitech Scanner Model 256, so that i am able to scan using Adobe Photoshop
or Coreldraw 4.0 (!!!!!). The Driver should be named HH$Scan or HHSCan as far
as I know. If anybody can help please anwer me ...

Thanx in advance ..... Hawwk


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Anyone have comments about the Logitech PageScan?
I read some info about it, and somehow they claim it can scan bound
materials... How can a feeder scanner (this is not a flatbed) scan in
bound stuff like pages from books or magazines???

One "feature" is that it uses the parallel port instead of scsi...

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