need illustrations of RSI-prevention exercises

need illustrations of RSI-prevention exercises

Post by Thomas Re » Sat, 23 Sep 1995 04:00:00

Is there anyone out there who has some illustrations, or would be willing
to make some illustrations, of some real, doctor-recommended exercises
that can help to prevent RSIs?  (BTW, I don't know what exercises would be
doctor-recommended, so I'll need some help there, too.)

There are a few requirements that I'll have to put on any images:

 - should be clear and self-explanatory, with maybe a VERY short bit
   of accompanying text.
 - royalty-free.  I'll be using them in shareware, but the fees I'm
   collecting could never pay royalties.
 - small in size, so as to keep the memory footprint for the program
   I want to incorporate them into low.  Also note that the number of
   colors the illustration is done in will affect this.  Black and white
   would support the most machines and have the lowest footprint, even
   though it wouldn't look as good.

Whoever gets me the illustrations I actually use will get credit in the
Read Me file in my program AND a free copy.

Thanks in advance!


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